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Effective immediately, all personnel on active work sites for Top Notch Contracting LLC will follow the safety and social distancing measures detailed below and discussed during our training/educational course:




Hierarchy of Controls:


“The best way to control a hazard is to systematically remove it from the workplace”




1.Any worker can be absent because they are sick, their family member/s are sick or for fear of exposure from the workplace. All workers are encouraged to stay at home if possible.


2.Mandatory usage of face masks on all active job sites. Masks will be provided by Top Notch Contracting.


3.Frequent and thorough hand-washing. Top Notch Contracting will provide alcohol-based hand wipes containing at least 60% alcohol.


4.All workers will practice good respiratory etiquette (ie - covering coughs and sneezes with tissues or the upper arm).


5.Workers will refrain from sharing phones, tools, equipment, desks and offices.


6.Top Notch Contracting will provide each job site with ample supplies of tissues and trash receptacles.


7.Reduced workforce on every job site. Top Notch Contracting will have no more than 6 workers on any active job site at a time.


8.Top Notch Contracting will explore the potential to enact more flexible worksites and work hours.


9.Regular housekeeping practices will include job site cleaning and the disinfecting of surface, equipment, and other elements of the work environment. All cleaning chemicals will be EPA approved.


10.Top Notch Contracting will promptly identify and isolate any workers with exposure or symptoms of the virus; ensuring that all workers, customers, visitors and worksites are protected.